Monday, August 10, 2009

Ooohhhhhh Sooooooo Close!

Tomorrow is the closing date for our house.....can you believe that we still don't know what time?!?!?! Regardless, I think we are *all* now ready to move on. Although our moving day isn't until Wednesday, we will be able to get into the new house later in the day tomorrow. Despite the fact that we will be having movers come for all our stuff the following day, I asked David if there was anything that we might want to bring over to the new house the first night. We considered loading up all of our house plants and placing them in the 3 season room until they find their new spot. We considered moving some odd shaped fragile items on our own. But after only a little bit of consideration, we decided to cart over our swim suits and a few towels to test the waters of the new house - literally and figuratively. And the best part is that, next week it looks like summer will finally make an appearance.....not a bad way to start out!


Patti said...

So happy for you! Yes, the summer heat is headed your way! The perfect time to try out the new pool. I hope everything goes off without a hitch.

Amy said...

Thanks Patti!