Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving the Moving Day

Grrrrrrrr......what a pain in the butt! It now looks at though we won't be closing on the new house until next week. We should have an exact closing date scheduled some time today but at present it looks as though our closing date will now be August 10th.

Why the change? When we wen to schedule the date we were told that the sellers of our new house will be out of town on Thurs. August 7th. Honestly, I think that is bogus because they knew we've been talking this date for weeks since the supposed cut-off date on the contract is the 7th. What I think is going on is that they can't get into their temporary (until they move down south) apartment until Monday the 10th......or they wanted the weekend to move. So now, I need to find another babysitter, reschedule the movers and reschedule the delivery of our new refrigerator. Mama-Dirtyfoot is not happy!

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