Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrigley Wing

I know....crappy photo quality. 'nuf said! Yet, I wanted to give you an idea of what I am talking about in tonight's blog post.

For those of you that know David, you know that he is a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan. With him growing up outside of Chicago he grew up going to Wrigley. Through the years David has accumulated more memorabilia than any one person could possibly do anything with (unless they wanted to open their own sports museum or sports bar). Many moons ago, when David and I were in our apartment we always said that we would set up a rec room in the basement when we owned a home. In our last home, that never happened as when we finished our basement it was used as an office and a home theatre. All the Cubs stuff was stored except for a small amount that was displayed in a curio cabinet.

Now that we are in our new home, our new basement will eventually be finished but not for that rec room but rather for a play room for Madeline. The Cubs items have been evicted from the curio cabinet as the cabinet is in our living room which is going to be a more formal room. Each of the bedrooms are also designated for a particular use: 1) our bedroom, 2) Madeline's room, 3) a guest bedroom and 4) a crafting room. Knowing that we plan to be in this house until we die or down-size there seemed to be no room for the sports stuff. And then I had a brainstorm.....

Who says the guest room has to be something frilly and fru fru? Therefore, the guest bedroom will eventually become themed in "old time baseball". We have a large vintage black and white photo (approx. mid 40s) of Wrigley Field (see photo above) this will hang over the headboard of the bed in the guest room. I knew I would have to replace the lilac flowered bedspread and when I was shopping today I found a perfect replacement.... At Big Lots (of all places) I found (for only $25!!) a patchwork-like quilt in muted blues, reds and grays (subtle Americana look), The carpet in the room is already blue and the previous owners left white wood slat blinds (in great condition). I will hang blue valances that we used at our old house. The walls in the room are currently a gray-ish color. Also, there are already some white shelves in the room that were left from our house's previous owner. These can be used to display some Cubs stuff. Also, I have a radio that I had once given my mom and got back after her death. The radio is a replica of the old fashioned radios. This is on the dresser in the room. The feel I eventually hope to accomplish in this room is NOT so much rec room decor but rather an "Old Time Baseball" feel so the old-fashioned radio will help that mood. Also, I stumbled upon a baseball throw rug. The rug is not in the bright whites and reds but looks more like an old-time baseball. Good deal on that too.....rug was $40 but I got it for $7.99!!

Two "issues" with this theme for a guest room. 1) David's best friend, Jon, is a frequent guest at our house. Jon is a HUGE Yankees fan......Sorry Jon! 2) When telling my sister, Marysia, about the guestroom theme she asked me a question on the order of, "Will your guests be able to get to '1st base' in that room?" Ughhhh........geez, I didn't even *think* of that!! I would say to that we'll have to have a don't ask, don't tell policy.

But for now, I gotta get the rest of the boxes out of that room before our first guests arrive on Friday.....

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