Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Scenic Route" Home

Before hitting the road for our 500 mile journey home, we met up with David's brother Ed's family for breakfast. Mom & Pop also met us out. Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet up with Carolyn and Dan as they had to head out of town the night before for Dan's family reunion. Anyway, this morning's breakfast was a nice additional get together before the two brothers and their families headed home in opposite directions.

500 miles is a long stretch with a 3 yr old. At least on the way to Michigan City, I was able to break up our trip by visiting a friend however, today we attempted to drive straight through. In the PM days (Pre-Madeline Days) David and I could make the drive in 7 hours if we really pushed ourselves. Today, our journey took 9 hours. Part of the major problem was there was construction and thus a detour near Detroit. The detour signs were terrible and our GPS kept trying to take us back on a different Interstate that would've taken us way out of the way. Since we ended up in downtown Detroit, David and I decided to try to cross into Canada via the tunnel instead of the bridge that we normally travel. I do have to say that David has a great sense of direction and he can normally find his way around anywhere....except today. Amazingly our GPS (which also is normally right on) was absolutely useless in giving us help. There was one sign for the tunnel which we followed but then no additional signs were provided. We finally, from our limited knowledge of the skyline of Detroit and the general lay of the land, were able to get our butts over to the tunnel and into Canada to finish the second half of our trip home.

How did Madeline occupy herself during all of this? She had a white board and markers and was busily drawing away. After numerous requests for Mama's drawings of Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid), Madeline was quite quiet in the backseat. I turned around to see that Madeline applied "make-up" all over herself. Madeline did not stop at her face! She also accessorized with "bracelets" and "ankle bracelets". All I have to say is that I am glad to be home!


Patti said...

It looks like Madeline is a make-up artist in training - not bad for a three year old! It looked like you had a fun time in Indiana. My aunt and uncle were visiting this past week from Indiana. They live in South Bend.

Amy said...

Too funny, Patti. South Bend is only about 45 minutes from Michigan City, Indiana! Hope you had a fun visit with them.