Friday, August 7, 2009

A Sign or Coincidence?

Disclosure...."non-believers" of this type of thing may very well think I am nuts however, I do feel that I have been "visited" in my dreams by loved ones. For those of you that know me well I have had some great symbolic dreams to tell about and one, in particular, that was an amazing experience to say the least (Click here for the full story of that particular dream). So, for whatever reason, I feel that I get my "messages" through to me when I am sleeping.

Last night as I tried to fall asleep I talked to my mom in my head a little bit. Because I am missing my mom during all this moving hoopla, I said, "Mom, come visit me in a dream tonight. Let me know that you you see what's going on in my life right now and that you are with me". Well, unfortunately there was no dream to report of however, I find the following interesting.

Today, I made a comment on Facebook that our moving date is going to be on August 12th. My aunt commented on my status to inform me that this date was my paternal grandparents wedding anniversary. I responded that I thought this was pretty neat and that I take comfort in this type of thing. I also informed her that David and I left for Russia (to bring Madeline home) on my parents' wedding anniversary date. Later in the afternoon, I made phone calls to discontinue service on our utilities. I took care of our phone service. Initially I was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to carry over our same phone number. Yet, all of a sudden it hit me that the last four numbers of our new phone number are the same as my mother's (and Madeline's) birthday. Suddenly, all was well. Do I believe in numerology? No, not exactly. Sign or coincidence....who knows. All I know is that I found comfort in this "coincidence". Let's just call it a kiss from Heaven.


Paul said...

I', happy for you in finding comfort in that.

Paul said...

That "f" is supposed to be "I'm"

Amy said...

Glee :-)