Friday, August 14, 2009

Full Of Joy and Exhaustion!

We are here! I am waaaayyyyyy too tired too post much. Moving Day was a nightmare!! Our movers were great but we simply weren't as prepared as we should've been. We didn't end up getting out 100% from the old house until almost 10pm. All I know is that we will have the World's LARGEST garage sale because I came to the realization that we have WAY TOO MUCH CRAP!!! We are pretty much buried in boxes now. We will eventually get unearthed but for the time being, it is a bit overwhelming.

I know that I will end up getting grief from my brother, Marty, for posting a cell phone picture (Deal with it, bro!) but I didn't have energy to try to unearth my camera. I will eventually include more photos but unless you want to look at pictures of boxes, there is not much to see at this point. I did, however, include Madeline and David sitting down for our first sit down meal at the house. We still aren't completely unpacked (noticed the plastic solo cups used as wine glasses) and that is why I didn't actually cook (got a rotisserie chicken and sides from Wegmans), but regardless, after a few days of meals on the go the sit down meal (although it was home cooked) was quite nice. In the photo above you can see a peek into our sun room behind our table. The three of us did take a break from the madness and had some family time in our pool. Yes, this video (below....and sorry it's sideways) was also taken with my cell but despite the crappy quality, I am sure you can see that the three of us were having some great family time together.

I am thinking of heading to bed soon as we have another full day of work ahead of us tomorrow. I will post more when I am not half asleep.

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Whimsical Creations said...

LOL, I remember when we moved into this house...we had to much crap then and that was 4years ago. I could not imagine moving now. Purging feels great though! =D