Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Step Closer....

Things are finally starting to fall into place. Today we signed all the paperwork to sell our house. Long story, but the sale of our house won't be official until Monday. We, however, cannot close on the new house until Tuesday. So, for a couple of days, we will actually be renting our current house from its new owner.....That will be bizarre! Anyway, in order to not be distracted while conducting today's business, David and I got a babysitter so David and I could meet at the attorney's office. And since we had a sitter (which we hardly ever do) David and I stopped out for a beer before going home. It was a beautiful sunny day here and we enjoyed a toast to our new beginnings out on the bar's patio (see photo). Also, before going home, we (being as anxious as we are) drove past the new house. We also made a neat discovery-that there is a small Russian deli in our new neighborhood.

The last minute packing is coming along slowly but surely. I took a good majority of our artwork off the walls today and packed it up. The lack of our own personal touches in this house our quite depressing. As our moving date approaches we will be quite busy. Monday night we will complete the final inspection of the new house. On Tuesday, we close on the new house and become homeowners once again. Finally, Wednesday is our moving day. I am looking forward to getting settled AND, oh yeah......the hot tub!

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