Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paralyzing Mess

The last minute packing seems never ending! This place is such a mess and the messier it gets I just feel paralyzed by the clutter around me....not good! The more artwork and personal things we pack up the sadder this house looks. David told me that he is not saddened by the move at all....which I just don't understand. David told me that he is only looking ahead to the new house. In our conversation, I told David that of course I am excited about the new house and all that it has to offer yet, I am a nostalgic person and am sad about leaving this house behind too.

After dinner, David and I sat at our kitchen table and reminisced about all the things that we shared while in this house. We laughed about some of the silly things we did, shook our head in amazement in some of the amazing things we were able to accomplish in or lives while here and discussed some things we would miss and some we would not about our current neighborhood. Through this conversation, I guess I came to grips with *why* I find sadness in this transition and it is this.... Life goes by so quickly. Days, weeks, months and years fly by with out one having a true realization of how much time has actually passed. However, this move has made me realize how this house has been my home for the majority of my adult life. This house has been our home throughout our entire marriage and our entire parenthood. When we look back and reminisce at our time spent here it is evident how long this house sheltered us - in more ways than one. It was our sanctuary. Looking at the life we shared here makes you realize how much time has passed by and how quickly that has happened. Saying goodbye to this house is also closing a chapter on part of our life. We have made a good life here and it is sad to let go. Although I know that our new house will soon become our new home. Eventually our new home will offer the same memories and the same sanctity. But in the meantime, I am tying to breathe in every last second of the time we share here.


Kelly said...

Do you have any chocolate liqueur?

Amy said...

Oh Kelly....don't fret, we properly took care of that "issue" once last time ;-)