Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Dreaming...

Holy Cow!!!! We just got back from David's work Christmas party. For the first time in the last six Christmases, the party was held at David's boss's house. Let me just say.......Oh My God. His boss's house is gorgeous! For those of you familiar with the Buffalo area, his boss's house is off of LeBrun - enough said! With two fire places burning in the living area of the 5000 square foot house, it was the perfect setting for a holiday party. The crazy thing is that David is technically one promotion away from his boss's job but I can't possibly imagine being able to afford his boss's house. It is crazy to think of where we came from, how far we've come (as a result of *a lot* of hard work together) and the potential of where we can be in the future. It is almost unfathomable........We've been immensely blessed!

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