Monday, December 22, 2008

Enjoying the Season

We, as a family, are enjoying the holiday season. The first picture is of Madeline decked out in Christmas gear for a "date night" with Papa (David took her out to dinner the night that Tammy and I went out to celebrate our 20yrs as friends). The picture doesn't do justice but Madeline has red sparkly glitter shoes and a matching red purse.

Today, I attempted to accomplish my Christmas baking. Who was I kidding??? I only baked two types of cookies. But I had a very enthusiastic helper.

We also had some down time and opened up the Highlights Magazine for Preschool-aged children. Grandma G. sent Madeline a subscription. As a teacher, let me just say, this is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone. The pages in the magazine promote higher level thinking....and Madeline enjoyed it immensely. The magazine is something that I need to sit with her to enjoy now but it will eventually evolve to something that she will grow into and be able to enjoy herself too. Thanks Grandma G!

Finally....Papa comes home from work and that is the true highlight of the day! Papa is so much fun. Here is a video. You can't quite hear the song in the background but it is a very fast tempo version of Jingle Bells. David is bouncing her on his knee wildly to the beat of the song. Madeline is a wild woman.....and you can see she is having a blast.

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