Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping is DONE!

I am DONE with my Christmas shopping! Ok.....I will probably think of something else between now and Christmas but as of right this second, I believe that I am done!

Madeline kept me on my toes today. She was very well behaved - especially considering that we were out of the house *all day*! I had so badly wanted Madeline to start talking but now she has the tendency to say the darndest things. She observes everything around her and comments on all of it.

She noticed the girl with the alternative hairstyle and loudly exclaimed, "Mama, pink hair!" while standing right next to the girl.

We noticed the reflective tiles in the ceiling tiles of the food court. We had a kick watching our reflections eat lunch. Madeline then noticed the fact that you could see my cleavage in the ceiling and she began singing, "Mama's boobies" in the food court.

In the bathroom at the craft store, for whatever reason, Madeline decided to name each of her poopies.. She made a Mama poopie, a Papa poopie and a 'Lynn' poopie. She wanted to work on a Packard, Elston and Zoe (our cats) poopie but Mama-Dirtyfoot hurried the process along before someone walked into the bathroom and overheard this conversation.

But the funniest of all was what happened when I took my eyes off of her while bra shopping. Madeline was in the stroller right in front of me. I am in need of new bras and I was browsing at a rack. Madeline was keeping herself busy. She was quiet so I looked down and what did I see? Madeline took a pair of lacy thong underwear off of a lower rack and put them on her head. I almost peed my pants from laughing. Below is what I was able to capture of the moment with my cell phone.

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