Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sex Education

Madeline and I were very busy today. The morning was filled with shopping for an outfit for me for David's work Christmas party (which is tomorrow) as well as some Christmas shopping. We treated ourselves to lunch at McDonald's. Madeline had a great work out at her swim lessons and in the evening she had her Tots 'N Tunes Music group. I think Madeline will sleep soundly tonight......I know that I will!

The funniest thing happened at swim class. This isn't the first time this happened (I don't think I blogged about this yet) but it catches me off guard each time that it does. I was helping Madeline get changed out of her wet bathing suit after swim class in the woman's locker room. There are little boys (Madeline's age) that take swim class too. The mom's certainly aren't going to have their 3 year old kids fend for themselves in the men's locker room so of course the moms bring their boys into the woman's locker room to change. As I am getting Madeline changed she starts giggling and saying, "Poopie, Poopie! Mama, Poopie!" As Madeline is giggling and pointing and continuing to say "poopie" I take a look to see at what she is pointing. Yes, Madeline noticed a young boy getting changed and caught a glimpse of his private area. To her the little "dangly thing in front" looked like a poopie. Sigh.....I felt like I had to say something because Madeline was practically rolling on the floor laughing about the boy's "poopie". So, as much as I was dying, I chalk it up and try to put on my best mom voice. I calmly explained to her, "Madeline, honey, that's not poopie. That's a p-p-p-p-.....penis." (Yes, I think I stuttered when that word rolled off my tongue. I much prefer different words for that but I don't think those would be appropriate to teach my 3 year old) Then the kicker is that Madeline continues to start SINGING the word penis for all to hear. Yep, that pretty much did me in for the day!

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