Saturday, December 27, 2008

Indiana - Day Two

First off, I took pictures of the festivities today but I left my camera at David's parents' house. I will have to post them tomorrow.

We all slept in a little bit today but because of the 1 hour time difference it seemed to others as though we got up at a "normal" time. We microwaved some oatmeal and ate on our patio (indoor) that is poolside. Sounds great, but the hotel (major national chain) is going through some renovations and the entire poolside area has a leaky roof. So, they have buckets to catch the dripping water everywhere. Our patio was even drippy so you had to watch where you sat. The remote control to the TV was broken. Also the room was stifling hot and the cooling unit does not work so I pretty much sweat my butt off (okay, maybe I need *that*) all night. We requested to move to a different poolside room that didn't have such a leaky patio area but this new room is also pretty darn hot with no way to cool it. I was pretty much ready to go postal on the front desk clerk when she called my "honey" too! That is an absolute pet peeve of mine - when someone other than my husband, or a little, sweet, senior citizen calls me "honey". To me, I feel it is so demeaning and disrespectful. I feel like saying, "No problem, "sugar cakes".....ugh! And then when we made a quick stop to dip our feet into the hot tub after pool time, we were getting rained on there too!.....Okay, I vented!

By the time we did the pool, showered up, and switched rooms it was time for lunch. We went out for Chicago dogs. Definitely an acquired taste! In Buffalo, you go for a hot dog and it tastes as though it was cooked on a grill. In Indiana (northwest, closer to Chicago) they taste as though they were boiled, a Cheez Whiz like substance is slathered on them and they are plopped on a soft poppy seed roll. I used to think that they were the most disgusting thing in the universe but, like I said, they are an acquired taste. David and I have been together long enough that I don't mind indulging in them on our visits to Indiana.

After feeding my Starbucks Wild Sweet Orange Tea addiction, we went to David's parents house for about an hour for Madeline to spend some afternoon time with Grandma and Grandpa. We returned to the room for an afternoon nap (Mama too!). In the evening we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's for our Indiana Christmas. David's mom made a gut bustin' meal of ham, kielbasa, veggies, pierogi (cheese, potato, sauerkraut) and potatoes. There were also more cookies available than anyone could possibly indulge in. We also opened gifts. Madeline was truly showered with toys. Despite the small rest time in the afternoon, it has been a very busy last few days. This activity level coupled with the fact that we were at David's parents' house quite late for her pretty much exhausted Madeline out. That sounds good, yet when Madeline gets tired she becomes hyper (although when we were able to get back to our hotel and put her in for the night, she pretty much fell asleep when her head hit the pillow) Regardless, Mama and Papa are once again very sleepy this evening. I will post those pictures in the morning.

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