Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Business Dinner

David has a company in town for a big project that he is working on at work. Since they were in town last night David needed to entertain. Since it was a Sunday night, David wanted the evening to be that minimal business would be discussed. As a result, it was appropriate for me to accompany David for the evening. So, got a babysitter and off we went., it wasn't exactly like a date night because it was still a business function (a huge project, I might add), but it was sooooo nice to not have to cut up anyone's food and talk with other adults. I don't want to give much information as to where exactly this other company is from (projects are always pretty secretive while negotiations are being made) but I will say that these people were from Europe. They were so interesting to talk to as they have literally traveled all over the world. Their travel stories were intriguing and their story-telling style was quite animated and humorous which made the stories even that much more entertaining.

For dinner we went to Shanghai Red's on the harbor in downtown Buffalo. I had filet mignon for dinner. Although it was good, I must say I am absolutely spoiled by the level of steak grilling skills that David has acquired through out the years. I must say, David has perfected the steak grilling process and I almost hate to order it out as it is rarely as good as what David does. Of course, business boys will be business boys and it turned out that the conversation of the evening led to some big business. All I have to say is that as I sat back and listened to the conversation I was simply in awe of my hubby. Damn, he knows his stuff inside and out and appears to converse this stuff as natural as breathing. Yes, I am biased, but I must say that he blew me away! I am soooo proud of my hubby!!

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