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This Date in History 6/13/07 - Our Adoption Journey

Two years ago we left you hanging yesterday with no new news from Russia. But on this date in our adoption journey history, we sent home two emails. You can read them below...

First email 6/13/07

Moscow to Astrakhan

Yesterday we left Moscow and flew to Astrakhan. We are here safe and sound but we did not get in until late so that is why no update.

We saw Madeline this morning. Any bonding that occured during our first visit was forgotten by Madeline and we are starting over again. Sighhhh........ We will send a more indepth email later tonight. We have to get ready to go back to the infants home for another visit. On the 1st trip here, afternoons were usually better visits. We are hoping the same this time around too. Keep us in your prayers as David and I are a bit stressed right now. We have a clearer update later.

Love y'all

And below is the second email of the day: 6/13/07

Leaving Moscow/Hello Astrakhan

On our last morning in Moscow we slept in!!!! I guess we still weren’t used to the eight hour time difference. We tried to go out for a little breakfast but found out it was too late…..oooppps! So we settled for a light lunch. Turns out it was Russia’s Independence Day. There was a lot of activity everywhere. People out and about and even a road race. There was tons of military everywhere recognizing the holiday. Red Square was closed during the day because I guess there was to be a big concert in Red Square that evening and it was closed for preparations……but we’ll be back there in a few weeks.

Our flight for Astrakhan left at approx 8:45pm and it was a 2 hour flight. We were “lucky” enough to fly the Beatle’s plane again. For those who did not get our emails on our last trip, the Beatles plane had stairs that you walked onto the plane from the tarmac. It also had the old fashioned round windows that had curtains instead of draw shades. The overhead compartment was one that did not have a closing door but rather a shelf that you would see on the older trains. Needless to say, it is a bit unsettling to see but I knew from the last trip that it actually flew smoothly.

Upon our arrival to Astrakhan we understood why our coordinator advised us to bring bug spray. Bugs of all sizes everywhere! Jiminy Cricket (spelling?) is actual size of the grasshoppers you see here! Our room is very similar (in fact right next door to) the room we had last time. The only problem is that it is hot and humid and there is no air conditioning! We also have a screen for only one of our windows. We will wait until tomorrow to give out our phone number as we will be changing rooms tomorrow to a room with a window unit air conditioner.

Today we went to the infant’s home twice. Any bonding that we had with Madeline went out the window as she seemed to not remember us at all. I guess that is to be expected after over two months. The only problem is that at 19 months, she is a little choosier as to who she wants to associate with. In the A.M visit, we could tell that the poor kid had bug bites all over her. That of course is to be expected as they were EVERYWHERE!!! We were able to visit with her outside in a small gazebo while the other children in her group played near by. Needless to say this was a bit distracting for her. I think she was wondering, “Why am I over here with these strangers while everyone else is over there??” She liked that we were holding her but was not in the mood to interact with us at all. She simply “hung out” with us. If we tried to put her down she cried….but that is okay. We are letting her take the lead (for now).

The afternoon visit was a slight slow start too but she ended up coming around a little more by the time we left. She was enjoying the kisses Momma was showering on her. She was also playing with a basket of maraca type toys. She took one out one by one, each time giving one to me or David until the entire basket was empty.

Tomorrow is our court date. At 3am eastern tonight (2am central) we will be on our way to court (11am here). From another couple that we talked to this morning, I guess it can get pretty intense. Your bedtime prayers for us will be greatly appreciated (and needed). We’ll update again after court.

David and Amy

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