Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Date History 6/10/07 - Our Adoption Journey

I am tempted to include this "disclaimer" on every day's "This Date in History" post because I am not sure how many of you are every day readers and how many of you simply check in occasionally.....

My hope is to re-publish our family's story on my blog in the chronological order that we sent it out two years ago. (For new readers, we didn't blog our story. I wasn't that techno back then and thus, did not have a blog in '07. Then, I sent out daily emails of our journey to a distribution list of my friends). I apologize to those of you that already read this. Yet, since it was two years ago, you might get a kick out of reliving it with me and being in as much awe as I am in how much time has passed, how much Madeline has grown and how much we have grown as a family.

June 10, 2007

We left Buffalo at approx. 2:30 pm and flew to Chicago O’Hare (We know….wrong direction) We left Chicago at approx 6ish Central Time and flew into Frankfurt Germany at approx 9:30 am on Sunday the 10th of June. Thanks to my sister and her husband, Marysia and Mike, we were able to save thousands of dollars on this leg of the trip because Mike donated his frequent flyer miles to us! – Thanks Mike and Marysia!

Also, we figured out a great game plane for flying over seas. Aside from borrowing Mike’s points, TAKE A TYLENOL PM BEFORE TAKE OFF!!!!! We easily slept at least ½ of the flight away. We got to the InterContinental Hotel at approx 11:30 am and the hotel was nice enough to let us check in. After we got to our room we were able to nap for a few hours to catch up on some of the sleep we lost. We did, however, get out of the hotel early enough to enjoy some of the city. We took a stroll along the Main River and stopped in a public park type setting that sold drinks along the river. We tried the drink choice of locals which is an Apple Wine…..although it is called “wine”; it is more like a sour hard cider. It is an acquired taste….but it only took us ½ a drink to acquire that taste.

We walked through other parts of the city. 1) We saw many locals celebrating the championship of the Frankfurt Woman’s Soccer team. 2) We also stopped at a local church and lit a candle. I can’t speak for David but I know that I said a special prayer for my mom whom I feel is here every step of my journey. 3) We had a dinner on the patio of a local pub…..and it DOWNPOURED!!!! Luckily the umbrellas were big! Although we were only in Frankfurt one night, we would totally stop there again if given the chance. We slept really well……next day, off to Moscow.

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