Friday, June 12, 2009

This Date in History 6/12/07 - Our Adoption Journey

Two years ago we were on our 2nd trip to Russia on the final leg of our journey to bring Madeline home. Two years ago today we flew from Moscow to Astrakhan (see red area on southern part of the map). In order to relive our journey I am posting the emails that I sent home just as I did two years ago.
Two years ago today, you did not receive an email from me about our journey., I will leave you hanging just as I did then........


Patti said...

Aw shucks! If it was anything like our trip from Moscow to Astrakhan, I can see why you weren't able to send an email upon your arrival. I'm enjoying reading your This Date in History entries, so keep them coming please!

Amy said...

Will do!!
I was able to read your journey on your blog as it happened. Now, you'll get to see our experience :-)

Hope all is well with Alex.