Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Date in History 6/11/07 - Our Adoption Journey

Continuation of our Adoption Journey in 2007.......

6/11/07 - Moscow

We started our day in Frankfurt after a great night’s sleep with a breakfast that cost us practically as much as our room did! NOTE TO SELF… more hotel breakfasts unless they are included in the rate! Our flight to Moscow was pretty uneventful. I guess that’s good! There is a 2 hour difference between Frankfurt and Moscow. We are now 8 hours ahead of most of you on the distribution list. We are 9 hours ahead of David’s family in Indiana and Wisconsin. We arrived in Moscow at approx 6pm Moscow time. After checking into our hotel we took a walk to Arbot Street. We went to an Italian Restaurant and shared a Caprese Salad and Small pizza. (Tammy – I think this is the place you went to when you were here) Trust us….you CAN’T find “Russian Food” here! Our meal was pretty good but the service was pretty slow.
After dinner we took a walk around. We couldn’t believe how long it stayed light out here. It was about 11pm before it got dark. We were walking back to our hotel at approx 11:30pm and it was barely past dusk. Before we made our way back, we took the underground street crossing (they use underground tunnels instead of crosswalks at busy intersections). There, the locals often congregate to hear a local band play. The street vendors at either end of the underground sell beer. So, we grabbed a beer and listened to some music. This is kind of the equivalent of a Cheektowaga Lawn Fete Beer Tent without the tent….and not supporting a local church. After that we took a walk to see St. Basil lit at night. Red Square was gated for the night so we only got to see it from a distance. We’ll come back on our return from Astrakhan but it’ll have to be a daytime visit. We are now back at our room and will be flying to Astrakhan tomorrow evening. We’ll try to keep the updates coming as often as possible.

Now that I filled you in we need to know the following….
1) How did Christina’s graduation/party go?

2) What happened on the final episode of Soprano’s?

3) Anyone watch the first episode of Big Love?

4) Fill us in on any other local news….Internet charged per the hour will limit our surfing!

Email ya soon.

On a second email that day Titled "Frankfurt to Moscow PS"

Oh yeah...forgot to tell you about the 160km/hour taxi ride from our hotel in Frankfurt to the Airport. That was a treat! That translates to almost 100/mph! And I thought Russian drivers were crazy!

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