Thursday, June 11, 2009

Madeline's First Published Work

Today, Madeline had a fun time writing a story. How does a 3 year old write a story? Here's how...
Mama started drawing a picture...I drew grass and a picnic table. Madeline was having fun seeing what Mama was drawing. She began directing me to draw additional pieces to the picture - and I did. At first Madeline didn't quite understand that the illustration figures are not action figures and you can't just moving them to another part of the drawing. But, after I completed drawing what I was instructed to I asked her what was going on in the picture and she told me. So, I wrote down everything she said. You should've seen the expression on her face when I repeated the story back to her.....priceless! Below is her story that matches the illustration....

Lynn and Katie [her neighbor friend] and Mama and Papa are going on the slide.
He wants to go one the slide.
Kate and Lynn are going on the slide.
Mama go on the big swing [ that a commentary on my butt size??]
He wants the food first.
He wants Mac and Cheese.
Lynn wants juice, Katie wants juice.
She wants to stand up and go on the swing - Whee, Whee!
Going back in the car.
Going back home.
Lynn going to dance in the ball.
Going nite-nite.
We are taking reservations for her first book signing :-)

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