Monday, June 29, 2009

This Date in History 6/29/07 - Our Adoption Story email update was sent home today!!! However, we knew that we were leaving our friends and family hanging. We had a phone conversation with David's mom. In turn, she emailed my brother, Marty, who then sent out an email to our distribution list. Marty's email let everyone know why we didn't send our our updates. Below is Marty's email to our friends to update for us...

Monday, June 29, 2007

Amy, David, and Madeline have been without Internet access for a
couple of days, which explains the lack of updates directly from
them. David's mom called them and assures us that all is well. Here's
a mini-update quoted from Mary's email:

Here goes..
They have not had Internet access for a few days now and don't know
when they will get it back. Everything is fine and they are dying to
get home. They asked me to give the phone number to their

It's about 9:15pm there and they were going to be getting Madeline
ready for bed. It's 12:15pm here. I did get to hear Madeline
although she wasn't quite sure about this telephone thing. Amy put
the phone by her ear and when I said "Hi Madeline" she sort of pushed
it away, looking at it strangely.


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