Monday, June 8, 2009

Stage Rehearsal...

Today was Madeline's stage rehearsal for Saturday's recital. For the majority of this dance season I was convinced that Madeline would be the child out on stage staring off into space. Much of her dance classes she was either doing her own thing, too busy watching others, or day dreaming. For the "mini-routines" that her class learned for Halloween and Christmas, Madeline pretty much stood there and didn't move when it came time to perform them. But, I have to say that lately, Madeline has been doing better during the last few weeks of dance class. As I said, today was the stage rehearsal. I was interested to see how Madeline would do without me in sight and without the teachers standing directly in front of the class. I was so pleased with how well she did!! And the best part is that it looked like she was having a good time. Below is a *VERY* mini-preview. I have to apologize that the image is extremely crappy (and short) as it was taken from a distance with my cell phone. Madeline is the one on the far right. As you can see, she is having some difficulty with her elephant ears each time she spins.....I'll have to figure out something for that. I will hopefully be able to upload better video after Saturday's recital as we plan to bring a real camera. Wish Maddie luck....she needs to get through a ballet, tap and finale dance.

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