Sunday, June 7, 2009

New York Catch-Up

Sighhhhh......I know, I know, I know.... It has been a while since I posted a blog entry. I always know when I am overdue as friends and family start to call me to make sure that everything is okay. I am thankful to say that, yes, all is well. So, I now need to catch everyone up one what has been happening here. Even some "everyday items" have been neglected because with all the house stuff, my posts have been fairly short. So, here goes....

1) Madeline is done with school for the year. We now need to decide what to do about school next year. Although, technically, we could probably still have Madeline attend the same Pre-K, we would probably want to start her in a Pre-K program that is associated with a school that she would attend once she began Kindergarten and thus, closer to our new home. So, the decision making process has to begin. These two photos are pictures of Madleine with some of her classmates during the last day of school festivities.

2) With regard to the house, yes, it is sold. We had a near catastrophe with the deal though! The original contract we signed on the new house was a contingent offer - contingent on us selling our current house. With this type of contract, the people that are currently living in our new house could still accept an offer on the house if the new offer was "non-contingent". We accepted an offer to sell our Wednesday but we still had a contingecy in our contract for the new house. Our realtor informed us on Friday that someone wanted to put a "non-contingent" offer on the new house. Yikes....if things went bad, we could technically have sold our current house while losing the new house and thus, be without a house! Talk about almost pooping your pants! Our realtor knew that the home inspection on our current home (for the buyer) was being done at 10am on Saturday. She told the potential buyers that she wasn't available until 4pm Saturday to listen to the new offer (on our new house). In the meantime, our buyer had their home inspection done Saturday morning and signed the paper saying that he was satisfied with the condition of our house and was willing to proceed with the purchase. This then allowed us to feel comfortable to sign the paper that released the contingency agreement on the new house contract. And therefore, by doing that, no new offers were allowed to be heard by the current owners of our new house. Whewwwww.....down to the wire, but all is well!!

3) The evening that we accepted the bid on our house, we took Madeline's booster seat off our kitchen chair to make room for all of us (David, two realtors and me) to sit around the table. In the morning, I chose not to put it back up. Ohhhhhh soooo sad!! Our little girl is getting so big! Here is a picture of Madeline having a bit to eat for the first time without her booster seat.

4) With things calmed down here with the sale of the house, David and I felt comfortaqble enough to take some time this weekend to relax as a family before the craziness of packing and moving must begin. Friday night I packed a gourmet-ish picnic and invited another couple and their daughter, who is Madleine's age, to join us. The woman of the other couple (Jen) is the daughter of a friend of my mom. Jen, by coincidence, lives on my street and has a daughter (Katie) only six months older than Madeline. Madeline and Katie have a blast playing together. Here is a picture of the two of them on the picnic.

5) Madeline is all about music and singing. She is, especially, all about Disney princesses! Madeline will sing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin at the top of her lungs. Her new song is "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Below is a short video of Madleine singing "A Whole new World" in the car. She is, surprisingly, much quieter that usual in this video but you can still get an idea of her passion for the Disney songs. (Excuse the crappy video quality - the video was taken by my cell phone). Mama saved the day, however, by buying Madeline a new Princess Collection CD. The CD has all the "greatest hits" from the various Disney movies. Madeline was a happy camper!!

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