Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

In my opinion, today was a perfect Father's Day. Granted, I am not a Father but I think it is safe to say that it was an enjoyable day for David.

The day actually got off to a rough start - but that is only because we were up so late last night playing Trivial Pursuit with my brother, Paul, my niece, Becky and Becky's boyfriend, Zac. Yes, we were up late trying to defend our championship title that we earned two nights prior. We were defeated and thus had to play a second game last night to determine the ultimate championship (We were going for the best of three). Sigh....Kentucky walked away champs after a tight game. Despite our late night, Paul wanted to hit the road back to Kentucky early so that he and Becky could celebrate Father's Day at home with the rest of his family and also, so Zac could be home to celebrate Father's Day with his Dad. But, luckily I thought ahead and planned a breakfast strata that I was able to prepare the night before. Yep, I set the alarm, put breakfast in the oven and caught another 40 minutes sleep. But my plan was to make a nice breakfast for both David and my brother before he headed out of town. We had the breakfast strata (bread, egg, cheese, ham), warm cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, coffee & juice.

Paul was on the road by 9:30. David, Madeline and I vegged out the rest of the morning but got our butts in gear in time to make it to noon Mass. Later in the afternoon, we finally had the opportunity to inflate the new pool that Grandma & Grandpa gave Madeline. Madeline was thrilled and could hardly contain her excitement. Papa was also excited to receive a hammock as his Father's Day gift.

For dinner, we had a simple all-American cookout and enjoyed dinner out on our back deck. Afterwards, Madeline's neighbor friends came over to play on our swing set and David had an opportunity to sit back and read. Later, the three of us took a ride for ice cream cones. Yes, the day is really about celebrating Father's - especially ones as amazing as David, but I must admit, I believe the entire family was very happy with the events of the entire day.

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