Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recital Day

Today was Madeline's big recital day. For the most part, all went well.... Let me rephrase that, Madeline did a great job despite being distracted by a spoiled brat kid that was "in her class". Notice the quotes around "in her class"??? This little kid runs the roost. I can't stand parents that coddle their kids! Brat-kid pitched a fit about dancing each week *every* week in class. The kid has literally never danced in class since January. Mom would bring her every week "because she *wanted* to come", yet the kid *never* danced. My thoughts on this are either (a) make your kid do it or (b) if you feel strongly enough that your kid doesn't like it, don't come. This same kid also refused to get in her costumes OR dance for the dress rehearsal. And the kicker is she did not dance for the supposed "Mandatory" stage rehearsal. The mom had the nerve to dress this child for the recital!! And what ticks me off is that the studio let her dance (even though stage rehearsal was "Mandatory for recital")

So, this is where Maddie comes in....The little brat girl was pushed out on stage next to Madeline. This last second change is enough to mess any 3 year old up - especially since Madeline was practicing (in class & on stage) in that position closest to the stage entrance. But then, add to that, the fact that this kid was initially crying a little. So, Madeline (who did GREAT in stage rehearsal) stood there staring at the brat child for the first part of her routine -basically wondering what the heck is wrong with that kid? The thing is that if Madeline just got on stage and did nothing (under her own doing) that would be one thing, but it was clearly obvious that she was distracted by this child that shouldn't have even been there in the first place! Needless to say, Mama Bear's claws came out and the brat child was on the other side of the stage (which was her place to begin with) for the next number.

OK.....I vented!!! But, like I said, despite the brat child, Madeline did great! I think it finally clicked in her as to what all those dance lessons worked up to. She seemed to have a great time and she made Mama and Papa very proud. To celebrate her big day, the three of us headed out to dinner at Chili's. It was a very nice family day. We are having a little glitch in transferring video but I'll post video as soon as the glitch is resolved. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

Madeline and her class backstage after dancing to "I Won't Grow Up" (First Number)

Madeline on the verge of catching a sugar high from all the goodies back stage.

Madeline on stage dancing to "Horton Hears a Who"

Madeline ready and waiting for the Finale number.

A proud Mama

And, of course, a proud (and handsome) Papa!

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Marysia said...

The pictures are soooo cute!!! I wish I could have been there. It sounds and looks like Madeline had a great time, despite "brat girl's" distractions and resulting effect on Mama Bear. Beautiful make-up job! Just wait until she starts asking to wear it to school because "everyone else's mom let's them." (Hint: More "brat girls" in the future):-(