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This Date In History 6/26/07 - Our Adoption Story

This photo is of Madeline and Mama. We stopped in for a break (and snack) in the shade. It was in the high 90's while we were there.

Tuesday June 26, 2007

We survived our first day of parenthood. Madeline really enjoyed the walk in her stroller and tubby time was a blast. It was a little more difficult putting Madeline down for bed. We put her down last night at 8:30 but she didn’t fall asleep until about 9:00 (still not bad) she did sleep through the first night although we did not. Both David and I slept horrible. We were afraid that we wouldn’t hear Madeline in the night because our window air conditioner is in the bedroom. It kind of drowns out the sound. We actually awoke Madeline at 7:30am because we are trying to keep her on the infants’ home schedule for a while. Our coordinator keeps checking in on us, which is nice but it is kind of like having a stereo-typical mother-in-law after your every move. We figured it would just be easier to go along with everything until we got home. Good thing we woke Madeline because our coordinator checked in on us in the a.m. and also wanted to know if Madeline ate breakfast yet. (Like we would’ve forgotten if she didn’t call).

This morning, David and I took Maddie for a walk. We saw doggies, chased pigeons and smelled roses. We got back and I started feeding Madeline lunch but had to hurry up and finish because our coordinator wanted to get us to the passport office. She was in such a hurry so we quickly got washed up from lunch and left. This afternoon we found out that diaper bags are portable for a reason! I didn’t think to take the diaper bag because our coordinator said our trip would only take 10 minutes. But of course Madeline waited until we entered the passport office to relieve herself from lunch. Although everyone spoke Russian, the P.U. face is international! Luckily the visit at the passport office was quick (or maybe it was quicker because of the full diaper) but Madeline sat on my lap (remember, no car seats) on the way back. Well, Madeline wasn’t the only one who had to get changed when we returned to the hotel. Welcome to parenting.

For Madeline’s afternoon nap, she *really* didn’t go down very easily. It took quite a long time. She kept wanting to stand up in the crib. This wouldn’t normally be an issue with me but the crib that the hotel gave us has very low sides and she could easily fall out. Of course Madeline thought this was hysterical that I would make her lay down. Not wanting to make a game out of this and not wanting to have our daughter break a bone before we even leave the country, we moved the crib right up against the wall and barricaded the other side with the high back dining chairs in our room. She proceeded to entertain herself for quite a while in the mirrored doors to our closet. Bedtime went a bit easier. It’ll be much easier when we can simply leave the room after putting her to bed but under the circumstances we can’t

This afternoon we took another stroll with Madeline. Another mushy diaper for *me* to change. David still insists her needs more practice watching before her can handle diaper duty.

Thank you for all the supportive emails. I want to return each of them but it is very difficult for me to do now. It would be so much easier if we had internet access in our room but we have to go to the lobby to access our emails.

P.S. – Thanks for all your prayers. Greg and Rebekah, from Lancaster PA won their court case today. They are leaving tomorrow because their Visas are about to expire but will return to pick up the boys on 7/9.

Amy and David

Photos of how we "roughed it" in Russia...
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