Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gotcha Day Celebration

We certainly couldn't pass by Madeline's Gotcha Day with out celebrating it! Yes, it is a very special day but we are hoping keep this celebration simple as we, of course, prefer to put the emphasis on her birthday. This afternoon, Mama-Dirtyfoot had some errands to run so we had McDonald's for lunch.

While we were out and about, we headed to the library. It has been a while since we've been there but I wanted to find a book with a theme related to moving that I could read to Madeline. My timing to hit the library was perfect as they were kicking off their summer reading program. Not only did I get the schedule of events for the summer but they have incentive programs for reading (or in Madeline's case, having books read to her) as well as incentives to visit the library each week. Today, Madeline got to spin a points wheel to earn points for a prize at the end of the summer (one spin per week) and Madeline got the most number of points available. Also, Mama and Maddie had to hunt for a hidden Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon. Once we found Harold we had to write down the name of the artist's tool in his hand. This is to complete a puzzle....also for a prize at the end of the summer. Best of all, for signing up Madeline got a ticket to get a free (brand new) book. In the library's meeting room there were tables of books in various reading levels. Madeline and I picked out Llama Llama Mad at Mama. With that she was also able to pick out a bookmark. All this was just dumb luck on my part.

After the library, we headed to a party supply store and, as I promised her before we left the house, she could pick out a balloon. Of course, I think Madeline picked out the largest one in the store - Cinderella in her carriage. Then after a quick change into her bathing suit, we headed to Madeline's swim class (we started her back up in the summer classes). She did a GREAT job today!

This evening, David, Madeline and I went to Friendly's for dinner and Madeline indulged in ice cream for dessert. Also, Madeline was given a Gotcha Day gift - the DVD of Disney's Mulan movie.

Other than Mama dressing up one of our cats (Elston) in one of Madeline's tank tops (you can see he was "thrilled" in this photo) the next funniest thing that happened today was Madeline got a UPS package from my brother, Paul. As kids we used to call Paul, "Paul E. Poo-Poo". Naturally, when the siblings started having kids, Paul became "Uncle Poo". So, Uncle Poo (a king of puns) sent Madeline some gac' . What is that?? Well, I believe it is a Polish word (pronounced like "gotcha") that my mom called underwear (I believe a derivative of gacki). Anyway, the package for Madeline that came from Uncle Poo was a package of brand new Ariel (Little Mermaid) "gotcha" to wish her a Happy Gotcha Day. Thanks Poo!!

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