Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Date In History 6/25/07 - Our Adoption Story

Monday, June 25, 2007
Today is our Gotcha Day. We picked up Madeline. I was fine picking her up but got a bit teary-eyed when saying good-bye to her care givers. Their genuine care and love for the children are so obvious.

Madeline had no problems with leaving or the car ride. It didn’t seem to phase her at all. This 10 day wait has really been a blessing in disguise. Madeline has been able to bond with us and feel comfortable and safe with us and therefore the transition is easier than I believe it would’ve been without the 10-day wait.

We came back to the hotel and were greeted by some of the other couples. We let Madeline wander around our hallway in the hotel a little bit to explore but then it was time for lunch. I created a make-shift high chair by staking some books for her to sit on and belting her to the chair. The infant’s home gave us a schedule for Madeline and an idea of what she eats. David and I had no idea *how much* to feed her. I guessed….and then gave her a small portion of seconds. I have no idea if I am going to bulk her up or put her on a diet. I figured she was done eating when she started playing with her food. I am sure she will let us know if she is hungry.

Madeline is down for her afternoon nap now. She cried when I put her down. I didn’t want to pick her up but under the circumstances, I didn’t want to let her cry herself to sleep either. I just rubbed her tummy to let her know we were there. We are totally figuring this out as we go along….but I guess every first time parent does too.

After nap, she gets a snack and then we will probably go for a short walk with her stroller before dinner. Madeline is adjusting nicely. She was running around the room with smiles. Now if only David and I can figure this whole thing out.
No car seats in Astrakhan. We left Baby Home #2 "Britney Spears Style". Madeline was checking everything out.

Madeline has always had a good appetite

We weren't sure how Madeline would react to tubbie-time

She LOVED it!

All ready for bed after our first day as a family


Whimsical Creations said...

I truly enjoyed reading your adoption story. Thank you for sharing. You guys make wonderful parents.

Kelly said...

I am THOUROUGHLY enjoying reading this a second time!