Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girls Day Out

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Western New York! David had a work function yesterday evening and therefore planned to come home very late. So, Madeline and I had the entire day to ourselves. What kind of trouble did we girls get into???

Well, our morning was a little busy with movers coming in to give us estimates for our move. But, come lunch time, Mama-Dirtyfoot packed a lunch and we headed out to a nearby park for a picnic. Madeline made a friend at the park and the two girls had fun playing on the playground together. After we left the park, we headed to Dairy Queen for ice cream......it was just that kind of day!

We came home for a little bit. Mama was wiped out so I hoped that Madeline was too and would want to nap. No such luck...but at least Madeline laid down with me on the couch and rested and ....um, yeah....Mama dozed off for a mini-catnap. Before we got up, Madeline got busy turning me into a cat. She took some petals that fell off a flower that was vased in the kitchen. The petals were my whiskers (which she calls "whispers"). Since the petals weren't staying in place, Madeline decided to make them stay by tacking the petals down with stickers. The sticker on my forehead was a "ponyhair" (ponytail).

In the late afternoon, we headed back out again. This time, to the mall. I had to return a bathing suit that I bought for Madeline while visiting my in-laws. By total coincidence, the coupons that I got when I bought the bathing suit where good for particular dates in the future and....Oh! Look at that, those dates were today. Madeline has become quite particular in her clothes these days. She tends to favor the knit materials and really likes the shorts and T's that I bought in Indiana so.....returned the bathing suit (got a new one) but then had to by some more of those T's and a nightgown. I so wish the picture I took of Madeline clothes shopping came out because she was just all girl (and already trying to get me to buy things and making Mama crazy)

When we came home, we girls ate a nice dinner together on the deck. I am pretty sure this child could eat an entire watermelon by herself! After playing a bit outside after dinner, Madeline had to head in for her tubbie-time. And, she was *thrilled* to put on yet another new nightgown.....(she has pretty much outgrown most of her PJs and now finally has a new supply for the summer.) What a fun Mama-Maddie day!

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Whimsical Creations said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day!